Data Sheets
Many of our products are designed to exacting standards. Should you require further information on the exact technical specification please click on the items name below. If we can assist further please contact us.

Glass fibre products
Ceramic fibre products
Ceramic braided packing
Soft core ceramic braided packing
High & Low density cabled rope
Twisted or stranded ropes
Ceramic fibre fabrics
Ceramic fibre filled rope lagging
Webbing & ladder tapes
Ceramic overbraiding your free issue hose
Ceramic plaited sleeving

The Company reserve the right to update theses data sheet should any additional information become available. As our products are being used for a variety of applications under different conditions, the Company will not be held responsible for the failure of any product. Whilst all information is provided in good faith, it is up to the customer to test and establish suitability of each product via their own test methods.